Religious School

As a fellow parent dealing with all the uncertainty and stress of this school year, I totally get it.  We are using a hybrid model this year which includes once-a-month outdoor, socially distanced, in-person learning as long as we can. I commit to making everything fun and enriching. I want our community to be a place where you and your children can look to as a respite from the stress of the outside world. This year, RTR will be a place of sanctuary, social justice, learning, community, and fun. Rabbi Hillel said, “Do not separate yourself from the community.” In community we find compassion, help, love, warmth, and healing; things that our souls feed upon and the right things we need in this moment.

At RTR, we believe that Jewish education is a lifelong process. We teach in a way that prepares our learners to be literate American Reform Jews living in the 21st century. We utilize the Chai Curriculum which focuses on the three pillars of Judaism: Torah, Avodah (Service to God), and G’milut Chasadim (Acts of Love and Kindness). Each grade gets to answer the question, “How do I connect to God, the Torah, and the world around me?”

We use the cutting-edge Hebrew program called Onward Hebrew. This sound-to-print method allows us to create an immersive Hebrew setting through tefila (services), Hebrew Through Movement, and Jewish Life Vocabulary. You will not see our learners’ noses in books reciting line after line.

Hebrew comes alive at The Reform Temple of Rockland

We are proud of:

  • Our incredibly dedicated and supportive educators.
  • The outstanding music program and Junior Choir led by our amazing Cantor Sally Neff.
  • Our Hebrew through Movement class which allows our learners to learn Hebrew while moving and playing.
  • Our once-a-month cooking class which gives all our learners a taste of Jewish culture.
  • Our vibrant Academy program for students in grades 7-10, designed specifically to help our teens deal with the challenges of today’s world through a Jewish lens.
  • A meaningful Confirmation program which includes the Religious Action Center’s L’taken seminar in Washington, D.C. Our teens, along with hundreds of teens from across the U.S., learn about issues up for vote in congress, the Jewish angle of these issues, and then get to lobby their Senator or Representative.
  • Our Post-Confirmation program which helps prepare our 11-12 graders for Jewish life beyond high school.

School Days/Times

Grade: Sundays: Tuesdays:
K’tanim (Preschool Program) Monthly 9:30-10:00 AM
Kindergarten through 3rd grade 9:30-11:30 AM
4th through 6th grade 9:30-11:30 AM Virtual Hebrew Tutoring
7th through 10th grade 6:00-7:30 PM