Adult Education

At RTR, Jewish minds do not go to waste. Whether you are contemplating your grandchild’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah or can still remember your own; whether you are a teacher already or ever hope to be one; whether you have been studying for years or just for weeks, come! We’ll find a place for you at our banquet. We’re bound to be serving something you’ll like.

We offer a stimulating blend of courses, workshops, classes, and on-going engagements with the study of our Torah, our texts and our culture. Classes are open to all who are hungry for a nosh, a taste, or a feast of Judaism. Don’t let your perceived lack of experience stand in your way. Most offerings are for beginners or intermediates. And don’t let your expertise keep you from attending; we can all learn something new.

Ongoing Events

Beginning September 8: Every Thursday – Jewish Potpourri at 11:00 AM 
Jewish Potpourri is a mixed bag of Torah and modern Jewish culture. In-person discussions on various topics with group participation is our goal. We use Tanakh, newspaper articles, movies, and other media outlets. Bring your insight and interest, and we will supply coffee, tea, and a small nosh.

Every Saturday – Taste of Torah at 9:00 AM on Zoom 
Join us as we make sense of each week’s (English translated) Torah portion and find out what meaning it has in our lives today. Listen to the discussion or put in your two cents and let our commentators put in theirs. Great fun and learning! Facilitated by our Clergy. No need to RSVP.