Curriculum: 7th Grade

Grade 7 Special Education Self Contained Classroom Curriculum

Topics Covered: Holiday, Shabbat, Life Cycle, Bar Mitzvah Hebrew Preparation

Texts: Students will have copies of grade-appropriate materials

Goals: Students will work with teacher and school director to come up with individualized goals in this class.

This class will have two components: a resource room where teens can bring students who need a little extra help, and a self-contained classroom where students can feel safe and secure.

The idea is to allow fluidity between the regular classes and this class. Dave and Juliet will work on individual education plans for each student, with input from the parents as to their hopes and goals for their child.

We will provide (as much as possible) teen aides for each child in the class.

Grade 7 Curriculum

Pirkei Avot

The objective of this year focuses on personal reflection and improvement, “Who I am and who I’d like to be,” helping each student reach his/her potential. Becoming a Bar/t Mitzvah means becoming an active member of the Jewish community, and performing mitzvot as a young adult. We will look at the mitzvot from our tradition and work on being the best we can be.

Text: A Bridge to Our Tradition: Pirkei Avot

Themes to be studied throughout the year:

  • Unit One: If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
    • A Good Name, a Shem Tov
    • Wisdom, Honor and Respect
    • Our own behavior, and the consequences of our actions
  • Unit Two: If I am for myself Alone, What Am I?
    • Changing the world, one Mitzvah at a time
    • Judging others and being judged
    • Peer pressure
    • Being a good friend
    • Concern for others (who aren’t necessarily your friends)
    • Being a Mensch
  • Unit Three: If not Now, When?
    • Wisdom vs. Deeds
    • Making changes now
    • Change what you don’t like in yourself
    • NOW is the time to act, but what should we do?
    • Let’s do it!