Curriculum: 6th Grade

Grade 6 Judaica

Modern Jewish History from the Ghetto to the Golden Land

Putting the Mitzvah in the Bar Mitzvah

The objective for this class is to understand where we have come from and where we are going as young American Reform Jews.

Goals & Objectives for Each Unit:

  • Understand each topic, add layers to understanding
  • Utilize library and share stories for all topics
  • Use music and art to enhance learning
  • Connect Hebrew and Yiddish vocabulary to each unit

Texts: Putting God on the Guest List for Kids (Jewish Lights Publishing),

The History of the Jewish People Volume 2 (Behrman House), Eizehu Gibor (Torah Aura), Gibborim (JNF)

Putting the Mitzvah in Bar Mitzvah


  • Discuss the idea of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and learn how it relates to history, and community
  • Create a class mitzvah project
  • Work together with Cantor Neff and Judaica Teacher to connect Hebrew learning with Judaica content.

Modern Jewish History


  • Discuss and gain a basic understanding of four main content areas of Jewish History:
    • Shtetl Life
    • Holocaust
    • Modern Israel and it’s Foundation
    • Modern American Judaism
  • Develop class project on one or more of the above areas of history
  • Develop a timeline of Jewish history
  • Learn (from text, guest speakers, films) about our place in this history
  • Exploration of family lineage (family tree project?)
  • Discussion of Famous Jews and their contribution to our history and Identity
  • Understanding of key concepts: Diaspora, Holocaust, Zionism, anti-Semitism, Jewish Identity


  • Eizehu Gibbor (Torah Aura)
  • Putting God on the Guest List (Jewish Lights Publishers)
  • Gibborim Teacher’s Guide
  • The History of the Jewish People Teacher’s Guide
  • My People: Abba Eban’s History of the Jews Volume II
  • My Generations (Arthur Kurzweil, Behrman House)
  • Atlas of Great Jewish Communities: A Voyage through History (UAHC Press)

Grade 6 Hebrew Curriculum

Text: Hineni 3 (Behrman House) and Independent Study Packets


  • Continue to reinforce Hebrew Reading
  • Chanting of Prayers
  • Review and Mastery of Prayers learned
  • Knowledge of Prayers needed to become Bar/t Mitzvah
  • Learn to READ and UNDERSTAND THE MAIN CONCEPTS in the following prayers using independent study packets, text books and other resources:
  • Additional Blessings may be added, according to level of students, at discretion of Cantor Neff.
  • Students should be engaged with creative learning, projects, and hevruta style learning
  • Students who are in need of extra help should be identified as soon as possible, if they are not already receiving extra help.
  • Work together with co-teacher and with Judaica teacher to connect Hebrew learning to Judaica content.


  • The Four Questions
  • Torah Study
  • Mi Chamocha
  • V’shamru
  • Oseh Shalom
  • Yih’yu L’ratzon
  • Tallit Blessing
  • Chanukah Brachot
  • Shalom Rav
  • Torah Brachot


  • Full Kiddush
  • Adonai S’fotai Tiftach/Avot V’Emahot
  • G’vurot
  • Yotzer Or
  • Birchot Torah
  • V’ahavta
  • Birchot ha-Haftarah
  • Aleinu
  • Blessing for Tallit
  • Kaddish
  • L’Cha Dodi
  • Blessing for study of Torah