Curriculum: 3rd Grade

The Bible, God, Israel

The objective of the Third Grade Curriculum is to welcome students to our community and to gain an understanding of what makes us Jews: Torah, Israel, God and Community.

Texts: The Explorers Bible, Partners with God, The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt


  • Students will be introduced to the concept of Torah
  • Students will learn about the modern State of Israel
  • Students will understand our connection with Israel, and why is it important to us as Jews
  • Students will learn that the Torah is divided up into weekly portions
  • Each class will begin with a look at the parsha (Torah Portion)of the week
  • Students will work together to find the “lesson” in the Torah portion
  • Hebrew and Judaica should work together to connect lessons when possible.
  • Students should acquire a familiarity with the Temple and the people who work here: Rabbi, Cantor, Educator, President, and others who are involved in the community.
  • Students also will become comfortable in the Temple, and learn to engage in learning and other activities here.
  • Integration of Hebrew into lessons about Israel and the Bible

Music, art and creative, interactive learning will engage the third graders and involve them in holistic learning designed to help them pursue enduring understanding at an appropriate level.

Other Resources:

BJL God Curriculum

Teaching Torah: A Treasury of Insights and Activities (A.R.E.)

My Weekly Sidrah,

Grade 3 Hebrew Curriculum

The objective of the Third Grade Hebrew curriculum is to introduce the letter and gain a comfort with phonetic Hebrew reading.

Text: Shalom U’Vrachah (Behrman House), and Independent Study Packets


  • Learn all letters and the sounds they make
  • Learn to read phonetically by combining letters and vowels
  • Learn to write in block and script
  • Learn to READ the following prayers using independent study packets:
    • Motzi
    • Barchu
    • Shema
    • Short Kiddush
    • Shabbat Candles
    • Four Questions
    • Borei P’ri H’Aitz
    • HanuKkah Blessings
    • Oseh Shalom
    • Shehechyanu
    • Tallit Blessing
    • Torah Study
  • Learn to chant
    • Hanukkah Blessings
    • Four Questions

Hebrew and Judaica should work together to connect lessons when possible.