Covid-19 vaccine requirement:


All children aged 6 months to 5 years who are eligible must receive at least their initial Covid-19 vaccination by September 1, 2022 in order to enter RTR.

Everyone aged 6 to 17 who are eligible must be vaccinated for Covid-19 to gain entrance to the building. 

Everyone 18 years and older who are eligible must be vaccinated and receive a Covid-19 vaccine booster to enter the building.

All Hebrew School Teachers and/or those who come in regular contact with children must be fully vaccinated (Covid 19 vaccinations plus one booster). The only exception for teachers or those who work with children would be a medical exception and if they have proof of exemption, they will need to test weekly and show negative results.

Office and other staff that are not coming in regular contact with children must be fully vaccinated (Covid 19 vaccinations plus one booster), or if they chose to not vaccinate, they must be tested on a weekly basis.

Masking policy: 

Masking is mandatory for all indoor events at RTR.

Oneg and Event Guidelines:

Friday night oneg food tables will be set up in the lobby. Tables and chairs will be set up and spaced appropriately apart in the social hall for people who would like to eat and/or drink. There will be no eating in the lobby.

Choir and Singing

Only fully vaccinated members of the choir may participate in services and/or events. Choir must keep mask on while singing. 

The Cantor (and/or) Rabbi may sing without masks on the Bima, as long as the first two rows of seating are kept empty or moved (to provide the recommended 12 feet distance between the clergy and congregation

The distance between the Rabbi’s and Cantor lecterns should be at least 12 feet apart.

Social distancing

The Reform Temple of Rockland will follow current CDC and County health department regulations as are currently in effect for social distancing between individuals not from the same household. 

Social distancing is not a replacement for mask-wearing but in addition to it.


 Use of the elevator will be limited to congregants and guests with a disability and limited to a 2-person occupancy for unrelated ‘riders’ and 4-person occupancy for related ‘riders’

Signage stating the capacity limits will be at the elevator door on both floors


Each bathroom capacity will be limited to 3-person occupancy at a time.  

Signage stating the capacity limits will be placed outside each bathroom

Tallit & Kippot

Congregants and guests will provide their own Tallit. 

Kippot may be provided by RTR or by a family hosting special event, but these are meant to be taken home and not reused by RTR.

Building capacity

RTR will follow Rockland County Health Department regulations for faith-based institutions when determining capacity for indoor events.