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Yom Shabbat, 9 Av 5778

Grade 5 Judaica

Jewish Values, Parshat HaShevua, Israel

The objective for the Fifth Grade Judaica Curriculum is to learn the importance of becoming a righteous person and doing mitzvot.

Goals & Objectives for Each Unit:

  • Understand each topic, add layers to understanding
  • Utilize library and share stories for all topics
  • Use music and art to enhance learning
  • Connect Hebrew vocabulary to each unit
  • Understand the mitzvot covered, and learn how to actually "do them."
  • Clarify how all three topics are intertwined

Texts: The Mensch Hand book (Behrman House), Artzeinu, Handouts for Torah Study (Torah Aura Publishing), ZimZoom Magazine

Jewish Values


  • Students will learn the idea of doing mitzvot, and becoming righteous, active members of our Jewish Community.
  • Class will discover ways that they can make a difference and get involved in Jewish living every day.
  • Students will be able to describe the ideas of:
    • Derech Eretz . . . Acting in a way that is Socially Responsible and Just
    • Rodef Shalom . . . Pursuing Peace
    • Bikkur Holim . . . Visiting the Sick
    • Shmirat HaLashon . . . Guarding our Language
    • Tzedakah . . . Donating to those in need
    • Baal Tashchit. . . Do Not Waste
    • And many many more...



  • Students will understand the significance of the Jewish state
  • Discussions about the value to American Jews to have a Jewish state
  • The many different faces of the modern Israeli people
  • The different religions in Israel
  • The Land
  • The issue of trees and water
  • Israeli pen pals
  • Issues affecting the Israelis today
  • Historical, Cultural and Biblical aspects of the Country
  • Hebrew as a living language
  • Challenges facing Israel and Israelis today
  • Class will also learn and discuss Israel through film, text books, speakers, and interactive activities. School mitzvah project will reflect both these topics in a natural, integrated way.

Parshat HaShevua ... The Torah Portion of the Week


  • To find meaning in the weekly Torah Portion
  • Achieve an understanding of the Torah Cycle
  • Discover what mitzvot can be found in each Torah portion, tying it into the rest of the curriculum
  • Understanding that these stories (many of them) took place in Israel
  • Understanding of key Hebrew words and phrases

Resources for Teachers:

  • Plaut Commentary
  • JPS Hebrew/English Tanach
  • My Weekly Sidrah (Torah Aura)
  • The Torah, Portion by Portion (Torah Aura)
  • Zot HaTorah (Torah Aura)
  • Teaching Torah (A.R.E.)

Grade 5 Hebrew Curriculum

Text: Hineni 2 and/or Independent Study Packets

Goals: Continuing knowledge of prayers, including translation of key words.


  • Continue to reinforce Hebrew Reading
  • Chanting of Prayers
  • Review and Mastery of Prayers learned
  • Knowledge of Prayers needed to become Bar/t Mitzvah
  • Learn to READ and UNDERSTAND THE MAIN CONCEPTS in the following prayers using independent study packets, text books and other resources:
  • Students should be engaged with creative learning, projects, and hevruta style learning
  • Students who are in need of extra help should be identified as soon as possible, if they are not already receiving extra help.
  • Work together with co-teacher and with Judaica teacher to connect Hebrew learning to Judaica content.


  • Shema/Barchu
  • Shabbat B'rachot
  • The Four Questions
  • Torah Study
  • Mi Chamocha
  • V'shamru
  • Oseh Shalom
  • Yih'yu L'ratzon
  • Tallit Blessing
  • Chanukah Brachot
  • Shalom Rav
  • Torah Brachot


  • Full Kiddush
  • Adonai S'fatai Tiftach/Avot V'Emahot
  • G'vurot
  • Sim Shalom/Shalom Rav
  • Yotzer Or
  • Torah Brachot
  • V'ahavta

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