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Yom Shabbat, 9 Av 5778

Mitzvot, The Bible, and The Alef-Bet

The objectives of the Nursery – Grade 2 curricula are to infuse a love of being Jewish in a creative, hands-on, environment which brings the topics to life in an age-appropriate way.

Texts: Let's discover the Bible, Let's Discover the Alef-Bet, BJL Mitzvot


  • Using the texts in the "Let's Discover" Series by Behrman House, students will be establishing their own "mini-library" of Jewish topics.
  • Students will understand the idea of mitzvot and be encouraged to perform Mitzvot and discuss.
  • This class will learn bible stories, and understand that they come from our Torah. Students will learn the lessons behind the stories, and become familiar with our Patriarchs and Matriarchs.
  • Students will continue to be introduced to the Alef Bet, and begin to understand the building blocks of the Hebrew language.
  • Hebrew is integrated into the curriculum and used in an authentic way to demonstrate concepts, teach blessings, and introduce the mitzvot.
  • Blessings will be practiced weekly, and as the students learn new letters, they will be encouraged to find these in the blessings.
  • Music, art and creative, interactive learning will engage the second graders and involve them in holistic learning designed to help them pursue enduring understanding at an appropriate level.


  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Tzedakah
  • Visiting the Sick
  • Keeping the Earth
  • Derech Eretz
  • Welcoming Guests
  • Guarding your Tongue
  • Talmud Torah


  • Shema
  • Barchu
  • Motzi
  • short kiddush
  • Borei P'ree Ha'Aitz
  • Shabbat candle blessing
  • Chanukah blessings
  • Oseh Shalom
  • Shehecheyanu
  • The Four Questions

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