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Yom Shabbat, 9 Av 5778

Jewish Everyday: Shabbat, Holidays, Mitzvot

The objectives of the Nursery – Grade 2 curricula are to infuse a love of being Jewish in a creative, hands-on, environment which brings the topics to life in an age-appropriate way.


  • BJL Beginnings Alef to Tav
  • Let's Discover Series (Behrman House)

Holidays, Shabbat


  • Students will learn about Jewish holidays in more depth, and learn more Hebrew with each Holiday.
  • A special unit about Shabbat will be added to the curriculum this year, and we will make our own Shabbat Boxes to take home.
  • Ritual items will be explored and discussed, pertaining to all the holidays and the synagogue.
  • Student will continue with the idea of a mitzvah, and will share with the class and others the mitzvot they perform.
  • Israelwill be included in an age-appropriate way.
  • Music Curriculum will reflect the topics studied in class.

Hebrew Curriculum: Students will learn

  • Shema
  • Barchu
  • Motzi
  • Short Kiddush
  • Shabbat Candles.
  • Hanukkah Blessings.

Basic Hebrew Vocab according to new Hebrew Curriculum.

Art, music, and hands-on approach to learning in all areas.

5779 (2018-2019) On-line Religious School Registration

We look forward to welcoming our students back for September!

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Religious School Calendar


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