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Yom Shlishi, 3 Tammuz 5777

Jewish Everyday: Our Synagogue, Our Holidays, Mitzvot

The objectives of the Nursery – Grade 2 curricula are to infuse a love of being Jewish in a creative, hands-on, environment which brings the topics to life in an age-appropriate way.

Texts: (B Year)

  • Look at Me! In the Synagogue
  • Look at Me! Do a Mitzvah
  • Let's Discover the Holidays


  • Students will learn the basics about the Jewish holidays, and learn about the synagogue.
  • Ritual items will be explored and discussed, pertaining to holidays and the synagogue.
  • Students will get to know the people in the synagogue, (Rabbi, Cantor, Educator, teachers).
  • Student will also understand the idea of a mitzvah, and will share with the class and others the mitzvot they perform.
  • Israelwill be introduced in an age-appropriate way.
  • Music Curriculum will reflect the topics studied in class.
  • Hebrew Curriculum: Students will learn the Shema and Barchu, and the Motzi and Short Kiddush.
  • Basic Hebrew Vocab according to new Hebrew Curriculum.

Art, music, and hands-on approach to learning in all areas.

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