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Yom Shlishi, 2 Av 5777

While each and every grade in Religious School is busy enjoying many interactive and meaningful activities, our Academy program is unique.

  • Academy begins in 7th grade and culminates with High School Graduation at the end of the 12th grade year. The tenth grade Confirmation class enjoys a year-long program taught by the Rabbi. At the end of the tenth grade, on Erev Shavuot, our Confirmands lead the congregation in a creative and expressive service when they officially "Confirm" their commitment to Jewish learning and living.
  • L'Taken Trip for 10th graders
  • 11th and 12th grade students continue to meet with the clergy for monthly discussions based on group-selected current topics of interest in order to maintain their commitment to Jewish study and their connection to the RTR community.

Those students who complete the full five year track of post-b'nai mitzvah study will be honored at a Shabbat worship service in June, before they spread their wings and move into adult Jewish study in college and beyond. Our hope for all of our students is that they learn to appreciate that Judaism and Jewish learning and commitment do not end upon a child becoming a bar or bat mitzvah. Rather, we hope to provide them with the necessary tools to continue to learn and grow through a lifetime of Jewish study, commitment, and experiences.

The Academy program is truly one of the most important components of the Religious School education offered at The Reform Temple of Rockland.  Because the students are adolescents and in a more advanced developmental stage, they are able to grapple with a myriad of contemporary young-adult issues that really resonate with teens. In a wonderful communal setting, we explore many topics through a Jewish lens and as a result, we find that Confirmation is a vehicle for the strengthening of Jewish identity amongst our students. We also travel away from RTR for interesting field trips, participate in many mitzvah projects and programs, and gather together with teens from other synagogues for special learning opportunities. Academy is extremely hands-on and participatory, informal and social, but always facilitated with great structure and opportunities to stretch our minds and grow as individuals. Ask any member of our Academy program to tell you more about their experiences! Our students are our best advocates!

We strongly urge parents of younger students to speak positively of Academy from an early age in your homes. Teach your children that the upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah is not the "end" of Jewish learning! B'nai Mitzvah is simply one beautiful milestone along the path of Jewish learning....and Jewish learning is indeed a lifelong pursuit, not just something "for kids." We urge parents to create an expectation in your households that Academy is an integral part of a Jewish education, and that all of your children will unquestionably participate in this quintessentially important program. It will be well worth your effort! Academy is an invaluable and precious opportunity for Jewish growth for our teens that is truly unmatched.

L'Taken Social Justice Seminiar for Teens

The L'Taken Social Justice Seminar for Teens is a not only a long-standing, successful program of the Reform Movement's Religious Action Center (RAC), its landmark Jewish advocacy office in Washington, D.C., but it has been a hallmark program of The Reform Temple of Rockland for over a decade, and truly the pinnacle of the 10th Grade/Confirmation year experience. Along with hundreds of other teens from congregations from across the nation, our Confirmation students participate in large-group and small-group sessions addressing the key justice issues of the day – which could include hunger, gun control, gender equality, environmental ethics, reproductive rights, voting rights, educational opportunity, and more – and then spend a day, dressed as young professionals, meeting in legislators' offices lobbying with elected congress persons, or their staff members. Included are special trips to key sites about the nation's capital, often including the Holocaust Museum, Georgetown, the Smithsonian Museums, and a couple of our most celebrated monuments. The trip is chaperoned by our own clergy, who work with the clergy from the other participating congregations and the outstanding staff of the RAC, to make this arguably the most memorable experience of their religious school careers for our Confirmation students.

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